Britney Spears  |  fan engagement & webmaster

Developed online personality for, the official Britney Spears Sony Music website, under the fan-friendly pseudonym "Britannica." Managed and updated website with blog posts, music-related announcements, photos, video content and occasional guest blogs. Launched and maintained social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with combined reach of 1.4 million. Performed light design and biweekly social media status reports. Fostered community engagement through direct conversation and interaction with Britney Spears fans, as well as brainstormed and executed fan contests and giveaways via the website and social media. Provided copy as-needed for email blasts and various Britney Spears marketing materials. Attended and covered concerts and events including Britney's 2008 Good Morning America appearance, 2008 Circus album release party in New York City, 2012 X Factor auditions in Kansas City and 2012 X Factor premiere party in Los Angeles.